Ueno (上野) is downtown of Tokyo, so you can get a feel for old Tokyo. Eating, shopping and drinking are all affordably priced.

Ueno Park


Ameyoko Arcade

Ueno Tokyo

Ueno Ameyoko
Ueno Ameyoko Center Building

Ameya-yokochō, or Ameyoko, is one of the only old-fashioned outdoor markets in Tokyo along the Yamanote Line tracks between Okachimachi and Ueno Stations. It’s famous as a post-WWII black market and even now retains that throwback feel. Today, various products such as clothes, bags, cosmetics, fresh fish, dried food and spices are sold along Ameyoko. In the grocery market in the basement of Ameyoko Center  Building, there ares foods and spices imported from Southeast Asia, and Asian not Japanese buy these foods.


Takeya, Famous Discount Store in Okachimachi
Located next to Okachimachi Station, TAKEYA is the department of discount and has 10 buildings. It sells 200 thousand goods, electrical appliances, personal computers, watches , cosmetics, foods , sporting goods, medicines and so on. There are any staffs who speak foreign language in order to talk to foreign visitors.

Ueno Okura Theater/Ueno Tokusen Theater

Ueno Okura adult cinema theater is reopened in August 2010. 24-hour all-night everyday open all year round, so you can see pink movies at any time. Ueno Tokusen Theater in the basement is a gay crusing spot.

Ueno Gay Crusing Spot

In the east of Ueno Station, there are many gay crusing spots for chubby gay. Signs such as “man video” or “sauna” is noticeable, and there are 24 Kaikan and snacks for gay. For Ueno has many gay, toilet of platform on  line 13 Ueno Station is also gay crusing spot, and you feel the gaze of men and sometimes you may be touched by men if you go toilet.

Ueno Korea Town

Place called “Kimchi Alley” in the corner of Higashi-Ueno is an old Korea Town. There are many Yakiniku restaurants and Korean food stores.

Red-light district of Ueno 2-chome

Red-light district has spreaded to Ueno 2-chome, surrounded by Ueno Hirokoji station, Yushima station, Shinobazu Pond. In Edo period there are red-light district, so nowadays there are also adult shops like soap land or fashion health, show pub, snacks and Korean restaurants.

Ueno Bike Town

There is a place called “Bike Street” lining with bike shops around Showa street near Ueno Station Iriya-guchi. Customers go to chain stores  in suburban in recent years, so these area also have been declined.

Snake Cuisine

There was a habit of eating a snake for energy as eel the old days in Japan and there were 300 snake restaurants in the heyday all around Japan, but because of ban of snakes import or decreasing of snake masters there are 3 snake restaurants (Ueno Kyumeido, Bunkyudou near Ueno Matsuzakaya, Hebizen in Kuramae)in Tokyo now. A live snake is cooked in front of you and you can eat hamburger of snake. Taste of snake is delicious like chicken. A viper, a hub and Shimahebi costs 6000yen.

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