Flower Cafe by Takashi Murakami in Roppongi Hills


At Roppongi Hills, Flower Cafe, produced by Takashi Murakami is open until January 31th 2016. This event is related to Takashi Murakami’s exhibition, “The 500 Arhats”, at Mori Museum in Roppongi Hills.


When you go to Roppongi this month, please go see Flower Cafe at Roppongi Hills. There is the Hills Cafe on 2F Hills Side at Roppongi Hills, and this cafe has changed to Flower Cafe for a limited time; until the end of this month.


At this cafe, the floors, walls, and tables are covered with many flower characters painted by Takashi Murakami.


The Roku Roku Seijin characters are also floating on the ceiling.


The cafe offers special dishes, like the Flower Omelet with Rice, Flower Burger, Flower Mousse, Flower Roll, and Flower Latte. The Flower Omelet with Rice is served to only 20 customers per day, and if you want to eat it, you have to line up before the cafe opens.


The Flower Burger is a cheese burger with a flower mark.


The Flower Mousse is a flower shaped mousse cake. The Flower Latte is a latte with flower art.


There are also flower goods sold at the cafe. Flower cushions or poster cards are sold.

Takashi Murakami Art 13 x 19" Photo Print)

Takashi Murakami is a famous contemporary artist. He made art works mixed with Western art and the Japanese otaku culture. In Japan, otaku culture includes manga, anime, or action figures and are regarded as lowbrow entertainments. He took in this otaku culture and sublimated it to wonderful art works.

[ルイヴィトン] LOUIS VUITTON グリオット 村上隆コラボ ショルダーバッグ マロン×チェリーブロッサム サテン×レザー M92589 [中古]

His works, collaborated with brand companies like Louis Vuitton bags or Supreme skate decks, are also famous and popular.

Art notebook October 2003 issue Kaiyodo production and Takashi Murakami Miss Ko2 Limited figures

In Japan his works are criticized because it is said that they are just imitations of otaku cultures. It is unbelievable for most Japanese people that his sculpture “My Lonesome Cowboy” was sold for more than one billion yen.


There are many action figures like his works but cheaper than these ones in Akihabara or Nakano Broadway.


If you miss this special event at the Flower Cafe, you can see almost the same flower characters in front of Tamade supermarkets in Osaka. Tamade supermarkets are very popular for selling cheap groceries, and day laborers in Nishinari often buy them.


Which is the copy, Takashi Murakami or Tamade Supermarket? Who knows?

[How to go] a 10 minute walk from the Roppongi Station (六本木駅) on the Hibiya Line (日比谷線) or Oedo Line (大江戸線)

Murakami: Ego

Murakami: Ego

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